Ben Ferguson – Brooklyn, NYC based

Ben Ferguson – Brooklyn, NYC based

“every form and zone of color is seized in its characteristic emotional force, and these are the paths by which finite things become infinity..”

My work is about exploring the subconscious through the emotional and fluid components of expressionist painting. Quick marks become figures, objects, and landscapes which flicker and move through the layering of color and image, dry brush stokes across washes, and angular relationships.The canvas becomes a portal of surprising and suspenseful incidents as the subject matter reveals itself playfully and mischievously. I agree with Alfred Hitchcock who said, “I believe in surprise, I believe in suspense”.

Animals, plants, buildings, and other objects are often anthropomorphasized
to explore the playful, dangerous, and unpredictable elements of human nature. Produced through subconscious activity, the inhabitants make their way across the surface of the canvas, coming to life through layers of color and paint.The angular relationships create movement and urgency to mirror both the subject matter and the palette.

I’m convinced that just the physical sensation of applying the brush to the canvas inspires the landscapes and its occupants. The intuitive process of painting combined with the tactile nature of applying paint to canvas reveals images I have little control over, despite the conscious decisions I make through out the process.

My primary focus is on painting, but in the past few years I have been surprised by the results from scanning my drawings, colorizing them, and adding photos.

Having grown up in the South and spent the ’90s in Seattle, I currently reside in Brooklyn where there is never a shortage of influences affecting my work. I am deeply affected by the extremes of wealth and poverty, the cultural and ethnic groups through out the city, and the endless struggles of post-recession in America. My life and my world provide a great amount of fodder for my subconscious and the images which emerge.